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Nanotechnology has the potential to revolutionize diagnostics, treatment, and research in orthopedics.

Watch our panel of experts discuss nanotechnology applications in orthopedics.



Robin Young

CEO of Orthopedics This Week and PearlDiver

Matt Hendrick

CEO of Nanovis

Andy Rock

CEO of St. Teresa Medical

Samuel Stupp

Northwestern University

Lisa Ferrara, Ph.D

President of OrthoKinetic Techno

Replay of Nanotechnology Webinar

We are pleased to provide you with the full replay of Nanotechnology Application in Orthopedics

We have also provide means to view each topic presented below.




Jumpstarting Biological Regeneration With Nanotechnology

Samuel Stupp, Northwestern University
Runtime: 11:29

Revolutionizing Hemostasis and Wound Healing with Nanotechnology Fibers

Presenter: Andy Rock, CEO St. Teresa Medica
Runtime: 12:27

Employing Nanotechnology to Improve Implant Tissue Interface

Presenter: Matt Hedrick, CEO Nanovis
Runtime: 14:41

Nanotechnology Road to

Presenter: Lisa Ferrara, Ph.D., Pres, OrthoKinetic Techno
Runtime: 8:00


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